Computer Generated Zoe Builds


Zoe Build Calculator

Zoe builds generated from the raw maths of League of Legends. Using combinational optimization techniques such as multi-objective optimization and genetic algorithms. The optimal builds can be found via pure computational brute force. Customization is supported, you can override all items and all runes and the rest of the build will adapt to handle your choices. You can optimize Zoe for different roles and different ratios of Damage, Ability Haste, Effective HP, etc. Best of all you can find the optimal build rather than just guessing blindly.

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Want to share the builds you find? Guide Creation

The site supports two click guide creation. You don't even have to make an account. You can change the created guide from the account menu and add wiki style text to make a full guide. You can load guides from other players, you can even click "Edit this Build" and adjust their builds to suit your current in-game situations, need to add a Quicksilver Sash, just click Force Item, Quicksilver Stash and the build all adjust in real time to accommodate the new item.

New guides show cases the most recent guides added to the site and all guides for a champion can be viewed in the champion guide section. Voting on guides is supported.